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Emini Futures Day Trader™

Emini Futures Day Trader Distributorship

Emini Futures Day Trader Distributorship

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Do you want to be your own boss? We are now offering business opportunities to individuals who have a minimum capital investment of $25,000.00. Get started making money within 30 days. The first question you should be asking is if you want to own a business? Do you have the desire to own a business? Chances are, if you're researching and reading this, the answer is yes. Some part of you wants to own and run a business. Whether you want to invest or be an all-in owner/operator, it doesn't matter. If you have the passion to start and spread the word in your community about a business, you're more qualified than most.

As a full-fledged owner you will be able to purchase turnkey automated trading systems wholesale (50% off suggested retail price). You will also receive a fully automated trading system ($15,500.00 value) that can be used for demo purposes as well as live trading should you desire to trade futures contracts and benefit from the earned income potential of the EminiES strategies. You will also receive training, support and $1000.00 per month for marketing. 


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