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"I have been trading options and futures for 10 years. Initially I was skeptical but after I conducted a thorough analysis of the historical data I decided to give it a shot. I have never seen an algorithmic system perform so perfectly. I highly recommend this system."

John Wunder 

General Manager Ascend Trading Company, LLC

“I am a full time nurse and have been trading the managed trading system since January 2020 where the trades are executed for me. I have doubled my return on investment in less than one year. The customer service is the best.” 

 Amber Howard, RN

“I have been trading the fully automated system since 2017. The system has performed perfectly. There have been several drawdowns over the past few years but the system always recovers and continues it's upward trajectory. The system wins 72% of the time generating approximately $2000 per month per contract traded.”

 Richard Bremer 

Chief, Cyber Contracting Branch, Cryptologic and Cyber Systems Division at

United States Air Force

“I have been working with the principal of the company over the past year in developing a model for funding business and mortgage loans using the automated trading system. We have now tested and approved the efficacy of the system and are set to launch in 2021. The consistency of the returns on a monthly basis creates a steady cash flow for funding purposes. The time and attention to detail the company dedicated to the project has allowed us to meet our long term goals for the project with ease."

 Alfred  A. Grant Jr.

Licensed Real Estate and Business Broker

“I've been very pleased with my purchase and appreciate the company's responsiveness and attention to detail. As someone new to futures trading, I’ve been given all the tools and the understanding of how the automated platform works with minimal effort on my part. Everything is set up and is a complete turnkey trading system. I’m so excited about this platform that I’m considering becoming a distributor of the technology to those hoping to find a money-making investment that can be run from home with minimal involvement.”

 Alex Matini

Commercial Real Estate Lender

“In 2019, I started trading the subscription plan and manually placing trades but later converted to the fully automated system. I like the set and forget method as opposed to having to manually enter the trades each day. The system has performed excellent and the returns are as expected.”

​William Groscup, ESQ