Referral Program 



Introduce Emini Futures Day Trader to your contacts and earn $1000 for each referral that becomes a customer OR $250 for each referral that becomes a monthly subscriber.

Registering as an advocate for Emini Futures Day Trader allows you to:

  • Share Emini Futures Day Trader with your network via social media, email or even printed card.

  • We provide promotional videos.

  • Get rewarded for successful referrals.

Referral rewards are paid upon completion of a sale via the website. Once an order is processed the referrer will be paid via PayPal.


The following rewards apply.

If a client repurchases  a Turnkey Automated ($15,500.00) or Managed ($7,750.00) Trading System: 

First sale in a 30 day period: $1,000.00

Second sale in a 30 day period: $2,000.00

Each sale thereafter during a 30 day period: $5,000.00

If a client purchases a Monthly Trade Signal Subscription ($499):

We pay $250 for each Trade Signal subscriber that you sign up. You also receive an additional $100 per month for as long as they are a paid subscriber.

Products we offer

You must contact the company and provide the company with the details of the sale including the following:

Buyer Name

Buyer Phone Number

Buyer Email Address

If interested in participating in our Referral Program, please email with your contact information and a sales representative will contact you within 24 hours.