Micro EminiES System

In May 2019, the CME started trading new S&P 500 index futures contracts called the Micro Emini, which is one-tenth the size of the regular ES Futures Contract. The smaller size makes it possible to use small amounts of leverage with a fairly small account. The results are the same as the EminiES system results but one-tenth the value. For example, the average monthly return for the EminiES system is $2,000.34 per month. The average monthly return for the Micro EminiES system would be $200.03 per month. If you are limited on funds and would like to get started earning income this is a great option.

Micro EminiES Trade Signal Subscription Only

Setup Fee: $1,000.00

Monthly Fee: $49.99



Membership access to the daily Micro EminiES trade signal 

Free Online Technical Support

You will receive access to the membership page where the daily trade signal is posted. You or your broker simply place a buy order at the open of the futures market on each trading day that a buy signal is generated. The minimum "recommended" account equity per contract traded is $1,000.00. The minimum "required" to place a trade using TradeStation per contract traded is $173.25. Other brokerage firms may require less. Don't have a futures account or broker? Don't worry, you can usually set up an account in minutes online with most brokerages. Find A Broker



Initiation Fee $1,000.00

Subscription Monthly Fee $49.99